On 10 December 2020, the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets (“ACM”) published its position paper on the supervision of algorithmic applications (Position Paper on Supervision of Algorithms). On the same day ACM also announced the launch of a pilot investigation in which ACM will map out what types of information it needs in order to scrutinize in future investigations and supervision activities the use by companies of algorithmic applications.

The publication of the Position Paper on Supervision of Algorithms and the pilot investigation follow ACM’s earlier publications in 2020 of its ‘Consumer protection guidelines regarding the use and boundaries of online persuasion techniques’ and ACM’s ‘Rules of thumb for online platforms’ which also point to the relevance of algorithmic applications.

These developments at the national level are all the more relevant in light of the expected publication by the European Commission in Q1 2021 of its legislative proposal on artificial intelligence following the publication of the Commission’s White Paper on AI in 2020. 

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Originally posted on twobirds.com in January 2021.